Lavender Lemonade Tea Toner


Our  Lavender & Lemon Herbal Tea Facial Toner
made with Chamomile Tea helps to treat acne, eczema and more!

Our organic toners are sure to provide instant hydration for your face while rejuvenating tired skin, helping to create a more vibrant and youthful complexion. 

These toners are lightweight and versatile that make it easy to restore skin's pH balance and absorb excess oils (without causing dryness). 

Keep cold for freshness 


  • Good for 4-6 months (if kept cold)
  • Safe to use daily!

How to use:

 After cleansing skin with one of our facial cleansers or scrubs;  mist face + neck with toner (or onto a cotton ball) and pat into skin. Use before applying one of our 100% natural facial moisturizers or serums.