White Clouds Whipped Body Butter


Perfectly whipped, rich and luxurious full body balm.

Our blend is readily absorbed into the layers of the skin, providing anti-oxidants, vitamins, and the maximum therapeutic benefits. 

We use Mango Butter which has vitamins A, C and E that work together to combat free radicals. Cocoa Butter which help skin retain suppleness and elasticity, while fighting off signs of aging. Shea Butter that deeply moisturizes, strengthens, and protects. Babassu Oil for soothing, emollient, restorative for dry + flaky skin. Avocado Oil ideal for protecting, rejuvenating and softening skin and more!

Directions: Smooth a generous amount over the desired area, gently massage until absorbed.




PLEASE NOTE: Our butters may melt in transit during warm climates. You can still use the butter melted or simply place it in the refrigerator to solidify. Unfortunately, it will not regain its original whipped texture. If your product returns to a solid at room temperature, crystallizing may occur, this is natural and only affects texture and not the performance of the product. 

Please keep your handcrafted items in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight for maximum longevity.