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Raw + Natural Curator for Soulful Organics!

Meet Soulful Myá

Hey Beautiful Souls!

I have always been somewhat of a natural product lover! I pride myself on being this, curly-headed, messy bun on accident, “I don’t know nothing about no makeup” type of girl!

It wasn’t until I became pregnant in 2014 with my son, Monroe Legend, when I started to really think about the products I used in my hair and on my skin. As women, we tend to go through so many changes with our bodies and I wanted to make sure the products I was using were safe for both of us.

Inspired by the mason jar creations of trial and error recipes that I always forgot to write down; Soulful Organics was born!

I remember starting out and not buying into being a business... I was simply happy to create something that seemed to work so well for so many people.

Today, what was once a hobby has evolved into a professional-grade line of Raw + Natural recipes for hair, beards, skin, and full body that include ingredients easy to pronounce and good enough to eat!

What is Raw + Natural?

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