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The Complete Skincare Kit


The Complete At Home Skincare Kit makes daily skincare easy!

This kit will include:

8oz.  Facial cleanser 

4oz Toner 

8oz Face Scrub/Polish

2oz Facial Clay Mask

1oz Serum 

2 oz  Facial Moisturizer 

What's All the Hype About!

I love this scrub, not only does it smell divine but it's amazingly effective!! I used this along with her cleanser, toner and elixir!! I saw wonderful results in less than a week!!! Let Mya get you glowing!! BONUS HER CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THEE BEST!!!

JonyshiaGlow Brighter Sugar Face Polish

I always use a facial moisturizer. Some don’t give enough moisture and some are just really too oily. With this facial moisturizer, it’s the perfect combination and a small amount goes a long way! I use this before applying makeup and I don’t get that cracked look later in the evening from dry skin. There is a plus that this has natural SPF and a clean natural smell.

SamanthaHemp Hemp, Hooray!

I can’t be without this cleanser. It is gentle and leaves my face squeaky clean and moisturized. My sensitive skin loves this natural cleanser.

ChanBrighter & Balanced Facial Cleanser

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