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Beginner's Skincare Kits


I know it can feel overwhelming to find the right products. 
It can also get really expensive trying product after product before finding the best fit. 
I want you to understand that obtaining & maintaining great skin is more about consistency rather than expensive products. 
This kit is an EASY routine to incorporate into your daily lifestyle. 
If YOU give me ONE FULL WEEK of consistent day/night skincare routines, I promise you will find results by the morning of the 8th day. 
Brighter & Balanced Facial Cleanser 8oz
Flower Power Tea Toner 6oz
Hemp Hemp, Hooray! Facial Moisturizer 3oz
Dark Rose Detox Facial Cleanser 8oz
Lavender Lemonade Tea Toner 6oz
Velvet Skin (Good Skin) Facial Moisturizer 3oz

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I can’t be without this cleanser. It is gentle and leaves my face squeaky clean and moisturized. My sensitive skin loves this natural cleanser.

ChanBrighter & Balanced Facial Cleanser

I always use a facial moisturizer. Some don’t give enough moisture and some are just really too oily. With this facial moisturizer, it’s the perfect combination and a small amount goes a long way! I use this before applying makeup and I don’t get that cracked look later in the evening from dry skin. There is a plus that this has natural SPF and a clean natural smell.

SamanthaHemp Hemp, Hooray!

I love this scrub, not only does it smell divine but it's amazingly effective!! I used this along with her cleanser, toner and elixir!! I saw wonderful results in less than a week!!! Let Mya get you glowing!! BONUS HER CUSTOMER SERVICE IS THEE BEST!!!

JonyshiaGlow Brighter Sugar Face Polish